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About Lindsay

Certified Intuitive Coach

Lindsay is a Certified Intuitive Reiki Healer and Coach.  Lindsay leverages her natural abilities as a healer, intuitive and coach to assist those seeking deep healing and transformation, especially those experiencing deep grief.  As a child she was always able to sense and feel intuitively but after the passing of her soulmate, best friend, husband and partner in all things in this lifetime those abilities deepened immensely.   Lindsay channeled and wrote a book outlining the experiences and communication she and her husband have been able to create across dimensions, The Enduring and Everlasting, a personal story of love transforming deep grief.   Lindsay is able to assist individuals and groups through her coaching and healing sessions to transform their grief in to healing and to build or deepen their communication and  language with their loved ones on the other side.  Her sessions allow clients to tap in to their own intuition and ability to connect to create life long pathways and relationships with loved ones and the angelic realm. 

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