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What Clients Are Saying

I feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten a Reiki session with Lindsay… It felt so safe and gentle and was so incredibly relaxing and as she did her magic, I felt my mom come in, and an incredible healing happened between us. It was the most profound moment, that healed tremendous pain that I had been unable to break through prior to that session. Thank you Lindsay you are incredible and bring such a gift to the world. 

Rachel K

I had the most amazing intuitive energy session with Lindsay. Although I wasn't entirely sure what to expect as I had never had a session via zoom only in person reiki for example but was certainly open. My goodness it blew me away. She was very informative, professional and clear on how the session would run. She immediately had me feeling at ease and relaxed so i could enter into the spirit of the session. Everything she said during the session was very accurate, she clearly has a very strong natural talent and ability for this work. I had goosebumps at times with the messages that were coming through from her. I would highly recommend Lyndsay any day. She is such a wonderful, kind hearted, gentle soul who clearly has an extreme passion for this. I usually struggle to relax yet in her presence I felt calm, relaxed and had more clarity over some areas in my life. Thank you Lyndsay you are amazing!

Leanne R

I had a great session with Lindsay, it felt very relaxing and comfortable. Lindsay was getting messages that really resonated with me and my current life situations. She is very intuitive and professional. Thank you!

Tatiana P

I Working with Lindsay has been such a blessing! I am so happy our paths crossed through social media because she is someone you definitely want to work with. She picked up on so many things with me no one knew and has helped me become aware of things I may have not been paying attention in life. I cannot wait to work with her more trust me you will not regret a session with her. (Maybe more😉)

Desiree F

So glad to have met and got to work with Lindsay! I was able to relax and listen to myself for once. I slept so good the next 2 day also, like I had had a body massage. It was incredible and so worth it! Do yourself the favor of meeting Lindsay too!

Jaimie A


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