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Programs & Offerings

$444/4 Sessions

One on One Coaching

Our one on one coaching sessions help provide you the individuals attention to assist with your unique needs.  Each of your 4 one hour sessions are structured to maximize your healing and to provide you with powerful tools and modalities to assist with your on going needs. 

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$333 / 4 Sessions

Intimate Group Coaching

In these 4 one - two hour sessions we will be focused on providing maximum healing to you and your small cohort.  Groups are 4-6 people to allow each member to get the maximum healing.  We will share personal stories and challenges in order for me to share the best tools and modalities for your healing.

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$222 / 1 Session

Traumatic Grief Session

In this approximately 90 minute session I will share my story, the signs and communication I received from the other side, and the communication system my soulmate and I were able to build.  I will share the fundamental elements that allowed us to facilitate our in depth communication system.  I will share modalities that have worked beautifully for me.  I will provide step by step recommendations.  There will be a 30 minute Q&A as well. 

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